Shaklee 180™ Summer Shape-Up Promotion

Summer is Here, The countdown continues! With summer, we’re right in the middle of the second biggest weight loss season of the year. It’s the perfect time to host Turnaround™ parties to reach new customers and Specialists, and it’s also the perfect time for a promotion that will make what you have to share even more attractive to your guests!

Summer Shape-Up

Use this tremendous time-limited promotion to help your new customers commit to start their Turnaround today, and then stay the course for the first 90 days to maximize their success. Here’s how the Shaklee 180™ Summer Shape-Up promotion works:

New customers or Specialists join with one of the following:

  • Shaklee 180™ Turnaround Kit
  • Shaklee 180™ Lean & Healthy Kit
  • Shaklee 180™ Gold Plus PAK
  • Shaklee 180™ Super Gold PAK, OR
  • Shaklee 180™ Specialist Kit with a Turnaround or Lean & Healthy Kit on the same join order

A Shaklee 180™ Kit must be put on AutoShip during the join process. When new customers and Specialists join with AutoShip and keep their Shaklee 180™ Kits on AutoShip for an additional two months (for a total of three months), here is what they will qualify for:

How’s that for a great reason to fill your Datebook with Turnaround Parties and fill your house with guests!

Download and share this promotional flyer in English / Spanish.

*Visit for Promotion Details.